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 Audition Private Server: [Audition 3.2]SlickAu

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PostSubject: Audition Private Server: [Audition 3.2]SlickAu   Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:11 pm

*First of all The Server Isnt 100% yet working on it while i go along looking for ppl that are good with mysql contact me at [EMAIL="sanchezluis15@yahoo.com"]slickone1568@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]*

Currently working on

*Story mode very close to fixing*
*Battle Party"
*Couple Battle Party*
*Beatup Battle Party*
*Level Reset On Relog*

dont worry they will be fixed soon i hope... ^_^V

other then that everything is good to go

im hopeing to keep server up 24/7 but if its down ill post on webby

Register There And Make Sure You Read Everything Before Getting Started

Forums post if any problems
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In Game Room


[color:fbe4="red"][SIZE="24"]In A Game[/SIZE]

Everything you need to know is on site patches to come to make the server fully 100% english because it is useing chinese client so far it is 99% ^^;; soon to come item shop in english and songs

Hope You like The Server in the future it will be much better so please have patiants

WHEN SIGNING UP YOU GET Level 10 all items all pets 100k den 100k cash


Download Slick Audition Client (Game)
*Please follow instructions carefully, do not skip through/skim, or you wont understand.*
Also, before following this setup guide, please ask any questions on forum
Either if you're having trouble or more info on shop.

Client Download Links (Current Ver. 3.2):
You must download part by part (meaning, you have to download the client by part by part.)
[URL="http://files.filefront.com/Audition+English+32rar001/;9485783;/fileinfo.html"]Audition_English_3.2.rar.001 - FileFront.com[/URL]
[URL="http://files.filefront.com/Audition+English+32rar002/;9493605;/fileinfo.html"]Audition_English_3.2.rar.002 - FileFront.com[/URL]
[URL="http://files.filefront.com/Audition+English+32rar003/;9487901;/fileinfo.html"]Audition_English_3.2.rar.003 - FileFront.com[/URL]

Once you've downloaded them all, follow the steps below.

Have you downloaded the client? Read this:
For you to extract + make the client setup, you will need to download this:
http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar371.exe (To extract files) *Please DO NOT download this if you already have win rar!
Then you need to download this: [URL="http://rapidshare.com/files/77584333/hjsplit.zip"]RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting[/URL] (.zip format)
Once you have downloaded WinRar & HJSplit, open HJSlip, you should see "Split, Join,
and other words, click "Join" Then a screen should pop up saying "File Join"
Click "Input File" and find the directory to where you put Part 1 of the client.
(Eg. I put it in C:\Program Files\Audition English 3.2.rar.001),
So I would click "My Computer," then click "Program Files" and find Audition English 3.2.rar.001,
then click "Output" and put the directory to where you put Audition English 3.2.rar.001
and click "Start" And it'll put the client together!
Then once it's done, it will make "Audition English 3.2.rar" open it,
and extract it anywhere (I perfer Program Files).
Congrats~~! You have sucessfully installed SlicK Audition Client!
Now you have to download the launcher.

Download this: [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?cmbz0tjzd4m"]Audition.rar[/URL], open it, and extract it
to where you put Slick Audition Client (Eg. I'd extract it to C:\Program Files\Audition English 3.2,
because i extracted the client there.)

Download the English loc files.
[URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?5mmvzc00dt3"]English Load.rar[/URL]
Extract it to your script folder in your client's folder.

Having Problems with LAUNCHER? Download Launcher Registry
Extract it to your clients folder, double click it, press "OK" or "Yes"

Extract it to your sound folder in your client folder, and for overwrite? click "Yes to all"
Have 3.1 Client? Download the patch below:
[URL="http://files.filefront.com/Manual+Patch20071024exe/;9482581;/fileinfo.html"]Manual_Patch20071024.exe - FileFront.com[/URL]
[Open it, and setup will open, and change the directory to where your 3.1 client is, and it'll give you 3.2!].

English Client 3.1 This Client Goes To WMNetwork Folder in program files(Regular install Run the exe)SIZE]
1. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229.exe
2. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-1.bin
3. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-2.bin
4. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-3.bin
5. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-4.bin
6. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-5.bin
7. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-6.bin
8. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-7.bin
9. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-8.bin
10. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-9.bin
11. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-10.bin
12. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-11.bin
13. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-12.bin
14. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-13.bin
15. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-14.bin
16. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-15.bin
17. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-16.bin
18. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-17.bin
19. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-18.bin
20. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-19.bin
21. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-20.bin
22. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-21.bin
23. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-22.bin
24. SlickAuCBFullSetup_20071229-23.bin

[size="24"]English Client Patch Fix Must Dl This And Put In The English Client 3.1 Patches To WMNetwork Folder(regular install run exe)
1. SlickAuManualPatch_20071231.exe
2. SlickAuManualPatch_20071231-1.bin
3. SlickAuManualPatch_20071231-2.bin
4. SlickAuManualPatch_20071231-3.bin

3.1 to 3.2 Client Patch Patches To 9you Folder in program files
Manual_Patch20071024.exe - FileFront.com
Chinese 3.2 Client Links Not In English But If your lazy and just want to play then dl this (join with hjsplit):
1. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.001
2. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.002
3 .AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.003
4. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.004
5. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.005
6. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.006
7. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.007
8. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.008
9. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.009
10. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.010
11. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.011
12. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.012
13. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.013
14. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.014
15. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.015
16. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.016
17. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.017
18. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.018
19. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.019
20. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.020
21. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.021
22. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.022
23. AUDITION_SETUP071030.exe.023

DOWNLOAD Audition.rar
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Audition Private Server: [Audition 3.2]SlickAu
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